Dslr Photography tips quick guide

A DSLR’s Focal Plane Shutter Slowed Down to 10,000fps

This is what happens inside of a DSLR when a picture is taken. from The Phoblographer http://ift.tt/1yKXCe3 via photos-matter

Damian Strohmeyer on Photographing Over 27 Super Bowls

Photographer Damian Strohmeyer has shot over 27 Super Bowl games. from The Phoblographer http://ift.tt/1yJKMg7 via photos-matter

5 Items for the Strobist Photographer Just Starting Out

The Strobist Photographer can start out with these items and not break the bank. from The Phoblographer http://ift.tt/1CFvpLD via photos-matter

Ed Pulella: A Walkthrough of an Engagement Photographer’s Niche

Ed Pulella is an Engagement Photographer with an incredible story as to how he got started. from The Phoblographer http://ift.tt/1Kb7S5X via photos-matter

Digital Rev Parodies The Things Mirrorless Camera Users Say

Digital Rev presents “Sh!t Mirrorless Fanboys Say”: an ode/parody of the dumb stuff that mirrorless camera users say. from The Phoblographer http://ift.tt/15YJeZG via photos-matter

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