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How to Stay Out of Trouble With Police as a Photographer

Staying out of trouble with police as a photographer requires you to keep a couple of tips in mind and always be calm. from The Phoblographer http://ift.tt/1msBO2d via photos-matter

Still Diet: A Frank Look at the Diets of the World’s Most Influential People

Photographer Dan Bannino’s Still Diet series features the meals of celebrities. from The Phoblographer http://ift.tt/1qujVBb via photos-matter

Leica Brings the MP Into the Digital World

Leica took their old MP film rangefinder and brought it into the digital world. from The Phoblographer http://ift.tt/YEHCjK via photos-matter

The Daguerreotype Photography Process Just Turned 175 Years Old

Modern photography would be nothing without the daguerreotype process; which just turned 175 years old. Here is some history about it. from The Phoblographer http://ift.tt/1kXWoMF via photos-matter

Kodak Announces the Death of BW400 CN Film

Say goodbye to Kodak BW400 CN film. from The Phoblographer http://ift.tt/1pTTdp1 via photos-matter

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