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Make Your Own DIY Monopod for a Couple of Dollars

With a little bit of time and some items from a hardware store, you can make your own monopod. from The Phoblographer http://ift.tt/Xtq4pK via photos-matter

Three Tips on Avoiding Gear Acquisition Syndrome

Gear Acquisition Syndrome is a thing, and here are some tips to avoid succumbing to it. from The Phoblographer http://ift.tt/1u5wGc8 via photos-matter

Ricoh France Declares Full-Frame Pentax DSLR is in Development

The rumors are true, Ricoh is developing a full frame camera. from The Phoblographer http://ift.tt/1tnBloq via photos-matter

Useful Photography Tip #112: Prevent Eye Strain by Adjusting Your Camera Diopter For Your Vision

The worst thing a photographer can suffer through is vision loss. from The Phoblographer http://ift.tt/XmUTMP via photos-matter

Five Modern Film Cameras to Get Excited About

This year, we saw the release of loads of new film cameras. But here are the ones that we’re most excited about. from The Phoblographer http://ift.tt/1ubdiHc via photos-matter

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