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Useful Photography Tip #133: Meter off of Your Hand When Doing Street Photography

The trick to getting better exposures for street photography is right in the palm of your hands, literally. from The Phoblographer http://ift.tt/1AJst09 via photos-matter

The Phoblographer’s Round Up of Portrait and Wedding Tips/Tutorials for Early 2015

Just in time for WPPI, we round up lots of our Portrait and Wedding Tips. from The Phoblographer http://ift.tt/1Bs273q via photos-matter

Review: Artisan Obscura Soft Shutter Releases and Hot Shoe Covers

You’re probably reading this post just for the eye candy from Artisan Obscura; who makes awesome accessories for your camera. from The Phoblographer http://ift.tt/1LViJno via photos-matter

Useful Photography Tip #132: How to Get a Genuine Smile in a Portrait

How do you get someone to give you a genuine smile and not a forced smile in a portrait? It has to do with psychology. from The Phoblographer http://ift.tt/1LTWxbi via photos-matter

DigitalRev Reviews a Barbie Doll That Takes Pictures

Kai at DigitalRev does a hilarious review of a camera in disguise of a Barbie Doll. from The Phoblographer http://ift.tt/1wqHpew via photos-matter

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