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Why Leaf Shutter Lenses Matter

Award-winning wedding photographer R.J. Kern reacquaints shutterbugs about leaf shutter lenses and why they are important in his very informative blog post, “Why Leaf Shutter Lenses Matter.” from The Phoblographer http://ift.tt/1u7a3BH via photos-matter

Which One? Sigma 35mm f1.4 vs Rokinon 35mm f1.4 Canon Chipped

We put these two lenses in an informal head to head test. from The Phoblographer http://ift.tt/1pyJSVd via photos-matter

The Disturbing Yet Familiar Images of Diana Dihaze

Ukraine-based photographer and image manipulation artist Diana Dihaze brings into existence a world that’s somewhat like our own, except darker and at times more frightening, using and combining the familiar elements of our world and turning them into implements of terror or the surreal. from The Phoblographer http://ift.tt/1nf8gWj via photos-matter

This Rare Leica IIIc Red Shutter Curtain Rangefinder Has Nazi Markings

The Leica IIIc Red Shutter Curtain is a rare camera to begin with. But this one has Nazi markings on it. from The Phoblographer http://ift.tt/1qY4x4f via photos-matter

Desaturation vs Grayscale When Working with Black and White Conversions

We talked to Adobe about what the differences are between Desaturation vs Grayscale when dealing with black and white images. from The Phoblographer http://ift.tt/1B79lrx via photos-matter

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